Philosophy Is the Key to Everything

The study of everything requires logic to see or believe what must be accepted, but that is just not the case if you only believe what you see, isn’t it? What we see is what we considered as everything, and the unawareness of how humans confined the truth of reality continues for people to live in a comfortable lie. While science is the study of physical dimensions, philosophy is the study that connects physicality to other dimensions. Humans invent new things because we believe that there is something more than what we see, and philosophy is the reason why there is science. For geniuses to create new things, they must believe in new things to have a new passage of thinking. Those beliefs led them to pursue what is unthinkable or unimaginable in current reality.

Philosophy is greater than science, for

Philosophy is greater than science, for humans will be living like pawns in chess waiting to be moved by a greater power without it. Even if geniuses have the knowledge but without belief, their gift will be guided to a trajectory chosen by those who have beliefs. A sword is useless if you do not know how to wield it, just a material displayed at the corner. The acceptance of philosophy is not easy without solid proof to which science is trying to comply. People will swarm around like ants trying to figure out how to carry a bag of sugar. Full of questions with no answer, as philosophy turns to juvenile imaginations rather than a basis of a new truth. When people have given up trying to prove their philosophy, they resort to believing only what has been proven so far like an old antique placed underground of the house, waiting to be taken out again for a future basis.

Beliefs are the reason why people

Beliefs are the reason why people are not committing suicide, or why humans fight for a cause because there is a sense of purpose when you have a belief. It is something precious that people hold on to for value or love. There is hope in an ever confusing world of conflict, while the only thing that kept it is a divine language called love. As philosophy becomes a key to unlock everything, science is just another lock that needs to be opened towards everything. Even politics are led by individuals who have different philosophies in life, there may be contradictions for both parties, but the source of will is the same. Each side is fighting for a reason, those reasons were expected to be good. The only problem is when humans begin to fight for self-interest, greed, or power.

Philosophy Is the Key to Everything

It cannot be called a philosophy when it is established by lies, evil, or greed. Truth is the basis when there are uncountable conflicting ideas out of self-insight, as there will be havoc that imbalance the peace of mankind. Distorted thinking is created from decadent societies that highlight self-importance rather than the profound righteousness agreed by everybody. Nothing is the opposite of everything, just like lies are the enemy of truth. Some individuals are lost in the middle of the tunnel, where they are stuck without seeing the light at the end. When the peregrination becomes too hard to go on, these fellowmen stop and settle for what is available until they are accustomed to living a life of a half reality. That is where progression stops, as the search for the light stops when there is the finality of beliefs.

Scientists could explore the secrets of outer space because they believe that there are aliens out there. The basis of belief is their imagination unless there is proof that aliens do exist. As it happens, these geniuses have a different reality than the average citizens since the way they see things around them is also different. Their philosophy is proven true with the support of scientific evidence. All these claimed truths about the world are merely pieces of the puzzle that are scattered and not yet solved. There might be contradictions to both sides, but if the claim is based on truth, perhaps the only problem is the alignment of ideas instead of falsifying assertions. Like how pieces of the puzzle do not fit since there is no alignment, and we cannot force them to be compatible, perhaps philosophy could solve them by seeing a unique perspective.